• Tapas

    • Aceitunas Andaluza

      Aceitunas Andaluza


      Marinated mixed olives

    • Alcachofas Madreleñas

      Alcachofas Madreleñas


      Artichoke hearts with onion, peppers and sherry vinagrette

    • Alubias Blancas





      White beans cooked to chef choice

    • Calabacin Fritas (G)

      Calabacin Fritas (G)


      Fresh courgettes fried in our special batter drizzled with honey

    • Champiñones al Ajillo

      Champiñones al Ajillo


      Garlic Mushrooms

    • Ensalada de pueblo

      Ensalada de pueblo


      Fresh Tomato served with sliced onion and olive oil

    • Ensalada Española

      Ensalada Española


      Mixed salad containing tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, rocket, olives & vinaigrette dressing

    • Espinacas con Almendras


      Sauted Spinach with Almonds

    • Garbanzos Andaluza (G)

      Garbanzos Andaluza (G)


      Chickpeas with spinach and cumin

    • Gazpacho (seasonal) (G)

      Gazpacho (seasonal) (G)


      Spanish cold soup made with fresh tomatoes peppers cuecumber bread garlic and olive oil

    • Huevos a la Rioja


      Poached eggs, on a bed of vegetables with garlic sauce

    • Paella de Verduras


      Special saffron rice with fresh mushrooms, courgettes, carrots, beans & peppers

    • Pan a la Catalana

      Pan a la Catalana


      Toast bread with tomato and olive oil

    • Pan con Ajo


      Garlic Bread

    • Pan Fresco

      Pan Fresco


      Fresh bread served warm with butter or ali oli.

    • Patatas Bravas or ali oli

      Patatas Bravas or ali oli


      Fried potatoes in spicy tomato sauce or Garlic mayo

    • Pimento de Padrons

      Pimento de Padrons


      Fresh Padrons peppers lightly fried in olive oil and top with sea salt.

    • Pisto Castellano


      Mixed vegetables with tomato garlic sauce

    • Potaje de lentejas

      Potaje de lentejas


      Lentils slow cooked with chorizo sausage, chicken and vegetables.

    • Selection de Queso

      Selection de Queso


      A selection of Spanish cheeses served with quince

    • Tortilla Española

      Tortilla Española


      Potato, egg and onion omelette

    • Tapas

    • Albondigas (G)

      Albondigas (G)


      Meatballs with Spanish sauce

    • Boquerones en Vinagre

      Boquerones en Vinagre


      Fillets of Anchovies Marinated in garlic & olive oil

    • Calamares Fritos


      Fried Squid in Batter

    • Carillera Artesana de Teruel

      Carillera Artesana de Teruel


      Slow cooked wild boar served on a bed of chips & paprika

    • Chanquetes Fritos (G)

      Chanquetes Fritos (G)


      Fried whitebait

    • Chistora



      Baby Chorizo cooked with peppers and potatoes

    • Chorizo al Vino

      Chorizo al Vino


      Traditional Spanish sausage in Rioja wine

    • Croquetas de la Casa

      Croquetas de la Casa


      Homemade croquettes

    • Estafodo de Ternera

      Estafodo de Ternera


      Slow cooked Medallions of beef with vegetables.

    • Gambas al Ajillo

      Gambas al Ajillo


      Fresh Prawns cooked in garlic chili & olive oil

    • Higaditos de Pollo

      Higaditos de Pollo


      Chicken liver with onion, garlic and wine sauce

    • Huevos a la Flamenca

      Huevos a la Flamenca


      Eggs baked in a tomato sauce with Iberico ham, spanish chorizo sausage

    • Jamon Iberico

      Jamon Iberico


      Spanish ham cured for 24 months

    • Langostinos Diablo (G)

      Langostinos Diablo (G)


      Saute pacific prawns with chilli, garlic and wine sauce

    • Mejillones Marinera

      Mejillones Marinera


      Fresh Mussels in tomato, onion, garlic, chilli and wine sauce

    • Paella de la Casa

      Paella de la Casa


      Special Safron rice with chicken and seafood

    • Pastel de Pescado (G)

      Pastel de Pescado (G)


      Homemade fish cakes

    • Pincho de Pollo y Chorizo

      Pincho de Pollo y Chorizo


      Specially made skewers with marinated chicken & Chorizo.

    • Pincho Moruno

      Pincho Moruno


      Chunks of pork marinated in herbs paprika & honey.

    • Pollo del dia

      Pollo del dia


      Chef’s Chicken of the day

    • Pulpo a la Gallega

      Pulpo a la Gallega


      Fresh Octopus in paprika, sea salt and olive oil

    • Sardinas Fritas (G)

      Sardinas Fritas (G)


      Fried Sardines coated in our batter

    • Sopa del dia

      Sopa del dia


      Fresh soup of the day